**Action** Essex Police static Speed Check in Fairfax

At the recent Westborough Neighbourhood Meeting, I reported the issue of speeding traffic along Fairfax Drive and in particular vehicles failing to stop at the Zebra Crossing near to Southview Drive and the Hospital Path, as has been reported to me by Residents.   I have just received confirmatiom that Essex Police are arranging for some static speed checks to be put in place.

Well I never….look out for a stolen Police Car


A vehicle stolen from Hook End, near Brentwood, was an unmarked Metropolitan Police vehicle.
Description as follows :
Skoda Superb Elegance Estate, colour blue 3.5 litre V6 engine registration number AG12JXF. This vehicle is fitted with blue lights and sirens. People are asked to exercise caution if a vehicle fitting this description tries to pull them over whilst driving. Any sightings should be reported to the police IMMEDIATELY via 999

A resident in Avenue Terrace has reported the theft of two potted Bay trees from her front garden between the hours of 8.30pm Sunday 13th and 7.00am Monday 14 April. Other thefts have been reported from front gardens in the Milton area where potted plants have been taken together with an incident where plants were actually dug up and stolen.
Two suspicious males were seen in Avenue Terrace on 13 April – they are described as follows:
both appeared unwashed. One male is described as aged in his 30s, mousey coloured hair and a bushy moustache.
If anyone sees persons acting in a suspicious manner or has any idea as to the identity of the above described, they are asked to report the sighting etc promptly to the police via 101. If it is believed that crime is in progress please do not hesitate to use 999
WCA Meeting Wednesday April 16th
The next monthly meeting of the Westborough Community Association is to be held Wednesday April 16th at the Royal British Legion, 7:20pm.

Come and hear my Council report and ask questions.

Westborough Community Association

Westborough Community Association



Easter Refuse Collection Dates in Westborough

The revised collection days this week in Westborough are;

the roads due collection on Tuesday 22nd April (From Southbourne Grove to Beedell Avenue) will be one day later on Wednesday 23rd April;

and the roads due ollection on Wednesday 23rd April (From Ramuz Drive to Wenham Drive) will be one day later Thursday 24th April.

Cllr. Martin Terry Resigns

After eleven years as Independent Councillor of Westborough Ward and the first Independent Councillor to be elected in the Borough in modern times, Cllr. Martin Terry has handed in his written resignation today to the Council.  This means that Martin is no longer a Councillor and he has made it public that he will be standing in his home ward of Thorpe in May.  Today was significant, as it was the last day to accept his resignation and enable his replacement to be selected on May 22nd, alongside the normal cycle of annual elections.  This means that electors in Westborough will have two votes.  The Liberal Democrats in Westborough have been planning for this expected resignation and are pleased to announce that alongside myself, as I am seeking re-election, the former Chair of WCA and Community activist, Mr David Webb of Fairmead Avenue will be standing for the Liberal Democrats, seeking support from residents on May 22nd. David is a very active campaigner and he wants to bring this hard work and care a Councillor for Westborough Ward.

Cllr Paul Collins - Westborough Ward

Cllr Paul Collins – Westborough Ward

As I said to the last WCA meeting, which Martin was present to give his last report as Westborough Councillor, I was grateful to Martin for his support and I have enjoyed working with him on Ward matters over the last three years.  We may be from different groups, but we have a lot in common, not least making Westborough and Southend a better place to live.

Mr. David Webb

Mr. David Webb


Lorries in Westbourne & Southbourne Groves

I regularly receive complaints about large vehicles driving down Westbourne Grove in particular and some getting stuck up to Westborough Road and London Road.  Tonight the Council was discussing its proposed joint plan with Essex to upgrade the A127 .  I took the opportunity to raise the residents’ concerns about this issue.  My question was:

“I am pleased that Southend Borough Council and Essex County Council are working together to help to make a case to improve a vital artery into Southend-on-Sea. My concern is the projected outcome of the increased traffic onto the side feeder routes. Whilst the A127 is a designated heavy vehicle trunk route into Southend-on-sea, I do not believe that it is so for Leigh or Westcliff, which has the A13 as the access point. My residents in Westborough are rightly worried about the proposed increase of heavy and large vehicles, between Kent Elms and Nestuda Way that use Westbourne and Southbourne Groves to access Westcliff and the Sea front, which are not designed to cope with the large vehicles. May we ask, as part of this paper, for agreement for full heavy goods vehicle signage to be introduced for traffic approaching Rayleigh Weir from Basildon, directing all traffic for Leigh and Westcliff south onto to the A129 and A13, where these trunk routes are better suited with dealing with this type of traffic?” 

It is big and Orange and coming through your door in the next two weeks

The Spring 2014 Westborough Focus is out and being delivered by the Lib Dem Focus team free to Residents.  For those who would like a preview, here is a copy, just click on the page for a larger version.

Westborough Focus pg1Westborough Focus -pg2

A127 Tesco Roundabout planned improvements

 The Council have proposed amendment to the A127 Tesco Roundabout, to improve traffic flow.  As many Westborough residents tell me, the traffic filtering off Prince Avenue along Westbourne Grove is as real concern as the weather warms up and more visitors use this for a route to the seafront.  I have made it clear to the officers they may consider the following;

  • No change to the current flow, to allow traffic from Rochford across to Westbourne Grove from the Roundabout.
  • That the weight restriction on the slip road off the A127 along Prince Avenue (the old A127) is re-inforced with much better signage.
  • That the same weight restriction be imposed on traffic from Southend onto Prince Avenue (the old A127)
  • That the Council make enquiries along with Tesco, about the possibility of a new exit slip road from Tesco along towards Southend
  • That the plans be made available for public display and consultation.
  • That when works commence, that traffic is not encouraged to use Westbourne Grove to escape the delays.

All the above has been agreed, and I will be watching developments and keep residents informed.

 Here is copy of the proposed plan for the Roundabout, to be finished in a similar way to Cuckoo Corner with intelligent traffic lights to control flow.: Planned Tesco Roundabout Map

 This is the Councils’ online report: 

A127 Tesco’s Junction Improvements

Better Southend – A127/B1013 Tesco Junction Improvement

Temporary Lane Closures on A127/B1013 Tesco JunctionFrom the 1st to 13th April 2014, temporary lane closures will be in place during the off-peak hours of 7pm – 7am on the A127/B1013 Tesco junction and its approaches. The lane closures will be in place to undertake a ground investigation to inform the design of the improvement project. The lane closures are being undertaken during off-peak hours to minimise disruption to traffic.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has been successful in receiving £3.263m “Local Pinch Point Fund” Tranche 4 grant funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) for the A127/B1013 Tesco Junction Improvement scheme.

The Local Pinch Point Fund is aimed at schemes that can be delivered quickly to promote economic growth through the rapid deployment of improvements that remove transport bottlenecks, or prevent the emergence of new transport problems.

The scheme is part of the wider Better Southend Improvements for the A127 Corridor to support the on-going development proposals within the London Southend Airport and Environs Joint Area Action Plan, focussing on additional employment growth, together with Rochford housing growth and background traffic growth in Southend.

Arup Consultants have been appointed to bring forward the scheme design and construction.

It is proposed that utility diversion works will begin on site in July 2014 with the main construction works commencing in September 2014 and the works complete by April 2015.  Every effort will be made during the construction works to minimise disruption to traffic, residents and local businesses.

A public exhibition and an advertising campaign will take place prior to inform residents, businesses and travelling public of the works.

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Jobs in the Community

I am grateful for SAVS promoting these Community Posts

I have uploaded various vacancies that are currently available in the Voluntary Sector, they can be found on the following link



Planning Applications, Decisions!

Planning Applications,. Permission approved, despite objections gathered in by David Webb, on behalf of Residents affected on the first items; 

Appln. 14/00093/PA3COU Rec 21.01.2014      
Ward Westborough

Change of use from offices (B1) to nine residential dwellings (C3).

  LFC Pinhey Insurance Brokers 687 – 693 London Road Westcliff-On-Sea Essex SS0 9PA
   Applicant  Granville Developments      


Decision: Change of use; Prior Approval Granted Date 18th March 2014



Appln. 14/00092/FUL Rec 23.01.2014  

Ward Westborough
  Change of use of office (class B1) into four self-contained flats, alter elevations and form vehicular access onto Silverdale Avenue
  E.K Mechanical Services 97 West Road Westcliff-On-Sea Essex SS0 9AY
   Applicant  Mr David Davis-Collins      


Decision: Grant Conditional Permission Date 20th March 2014


 1              The development The development must commence on or before the 30th May 2016. on or before the 30th May 2016.

  2             The use of each dwellings hereby approved must begin on or before the 30th May 2016.

 3              Only in accordance with approved plans

 4              Work to match existing

 5              The provision of the new garage door and 3 car parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with plan no. P03 prior to occupation of the dwellings hereby approved and shall thereafter be permanently retained for the parking of private motor vehicles solely for the benefit of the occupants of the dwellings of which it forms part and their visitors and for no other purpose unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority.

 6              No development shall take place until there have been details, including materials, submitted to and approved by the local planning authority of the refuse store proposed. The development shall only be carried out in accordance with the approved details, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. No flat, hereby approved, shall be occupied until the agreed refuse store has been completed in accordance with the approved details. The store will be retained in perpetuity.

Appln. 14/00158/FUL Rec 31.01.2014      
Ward Westborough

Erect roof extension to rear and convert roof space

to habitable accomodation 55A Westborough Road Westcliff-On-Sea Essex SS0 9DP


Decision: Refuse Permission Date 19th March 2014


 1              The proposed roof extension by reason of its excessive size, scale, bulk and design fails to successfully integrate with the design and appearance of the existing building and does not appear incidental in the roof space. This is detrimental to the character of the existing property and the wider streetscene and contrary to Policies KP2 and CP4 of the Core Strategy, Policy C11 of the Borough Local Plan and the Design and Townscape Guide 2009 (SPD1).