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by Paul Collins on 29 May, 2014


New traffic island in Westborough Road, by Westbourne Grove

New traffic island in Westborough Road, by Westbourne Grove

I am grateful for WCA bringing this my attention.  The Council are seeking ways of making the Crossroads between Westborough Road and Westbourne Grove safer.  The latest addition is the new larger traffic island in Westborough Road, to the east of Westbourne Grove.

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  1. I navigate this stretch of road many times a week. As you know, whilst in favour of traffic calming I am no fan of speed humps, and the humps in this area definitely get a thumbs down from me.

    I am not sure about that larger traffic island. It certainly is more noticeable, and my first thought when driving past it was to make sure I did not hit it.

    The area is a nightmare for motorists. Parking is at a premium, and driving down Westborough road one has to be very aware of oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The reality is that we inhabit a compact town with many cars, and in some areas (the ward I represent, for example) traffic and parking is the most regularly talked about topic on the doorstep. Solutions? I doubt we will ever make everyone happy, and some improvements will initially be experimental.

  2. Paul Collins says:


    Agreed that it is a dominant feature. I am collating comments to pass back to the Officer who helped install it.
    Also agreed Westborough Road is difficult, I worry about the school children and families walking along Westborough Road, across Westbourne Grove to get to Chalkwell Schools. One of my last acts as Councillor was to ask for investigations into a installation of traffic lights and crossing phase at this crossroads. I watch with interest to see how far this proposal gets.

  3. Robert Howes says:

    The traffic island is I believe a very good feature which clearly shows the need to take care as you approach the junction.

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