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by Paul Collins on 1 May, 2011

As usual, the great and good of our Council have eagerly grabbed the money offered to them for certain road projects across the Town. Victoria Gateway is one of those schemes that has its routes in the money is available, what shall we do with it? In theory, the Car has been pushed to one side to allow a free movement of pedestrians with buses and taxis at the front of the Station (as it used to be back in the early sixties). I have to report that trafiic does not flow well through the new T junction and the mixture of buses/taxis with pedestirians will be problematic, as the pictures show. The ‘road’ for taxis and buses is very poorly marked and is defined by large concrete balls at a few paces apart.

I will be asking the Tory Councillors about the process of this scheme and what safety measures will be introduced to help the pedestrians.

      ** STOP PRESS ** Bus Lanes opened at 10am on June 1st – Bus Stops closed in Victoria Avenue and in Queensway, outside Custom & Excise.**

Lastly, the new Statue, commissioned as part of the arrangement of the funding received from Government, has been installed. I personally approve of art being used in this way, but it is in the wrong place, pushed to one side right beside the trafiic junction, instead of the front of the Railway Station.

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